ATSB Board Members

Members of the Alberta Transportation Safety Board are appointed by Order in Council on the basis of their competence, experience, knowledge of the quasi-judicial process and knowledge of traffic safety and associated legislation. Board member requirements and selection processes are outlined in the Board Member Appointment Process, Requirements and Qualifications document. Following appointment, Board members are required to complete the Principles of Administrative Justice course through the Foundation of Administrative Justice.
Doreen Poon Phillips (Chair) Lawyer who worked as a senior partner in private practice for 10 years. Former presiding Justice of the Peace, Provincial Court of Alberta and former presiding officer, Subdivision and Development and Appeal Board, City of Edmonton. President, Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association. Board of Directors, Confucius Institute Edmonton. Member Alberta Chinese Language Consortium.
James Balmer Police officer (retired), non-commissioned officer, traffic unit and alcohol unit; collision analyst; driver trainer; 12 years' experience as an emergency paramedic and driver trainer; safety consultant and trainer.
John Jossa Thirty-five years' experience in internal audit and financial management with federal government and policing organizations; degree in Business; audit certifications.
Warren J. Kline Former manager with Correctional Service Canada (34 years) (retired); former chairman, Segregation Review Board at Bowden Institution for 12 years.
Larry Thomsen Former junior high school principal; former deputy mayor, Village of Nobleford; former president, Alberta Senior Citizens? Housing Association; member of the Municipal Planning Commission, City of Red Deer.
Katherine Cherniawsky Lawyer, formerly in private practice concentrating on administrative law and legal research. Significant experience in legal writing. Former instructor of legal courses at the post-secondary level. Member of the City of Edmonton Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.
Eugene Maeda Former member of the RCMP. Current instructor MacEwan University, Police and Investigations Program and member of the MacEwan University Police and Investigations Program Advisory Committee.