Review of Driver Conduct

What leads to the review of a driver's conduct?

A driverís conduct may be reviewed by the Board for any of the following reasons:

  • referral from the Registrar, e.g., as a result of a re-instatement condition or information provided to the Registrar by the police;
  • referral from the Court or from the Minister responsible for the Traffic Safety Act;
  • the Board has reason to believe that the driver may be a threat to road safety;  or is in violation of Condition Code M of the operatorís licence; or is in violation of the conditions under the Ignition Interlock Program. 

Format of the Hearing

A driver must attend an oral hearing.  The review of driver conduct does not use a non-oral hearing format.

Is there a fee involved?

As the review is conducted not based on a voluntary request of the driver, there is no application and no fee required.

What information should the driver bring to the hearing?

A driver who has been asked by the Board to take education, monitoring, or treatment must bring the results to the Board (e.g., a driver who took the impaired driving course IMPACT must bring the ďSummary ReportĒ to the hearing).  The driver may choose to submit additional information which may be beneficial but this is not a mandatory requirement.

Factors that the Board may consider:

The driverís driving record including:

  • 10-year driving abstract;
  • previous driving convictions, demerits points, suspensions, cancellations, disqualifications, appearances before the Board;
  • Criminal Code operatorís licence suspension arising from an offence involving injury or death, dangerous driving, criminal negligence, impaired driving, manslaughter, etc;
  • the number of accidents and whether or not the driver was at fault or charged; and
  • whether alcohol or drugs, or both, were a factor in the driving offences or accident.

In addition, the following types of information, where applicable, will be considered:

  • the driverís attitude towards the effect of substance abuse in driving;
  • the driverís attitude as a responsible driver;
  • the driverís driving ability and knowledge, the class of licence held, and the type of vehicles being operated;
  • information provided by the Registrar, Minister, police, or court;
  • written comments from the driverís family, employer, and other relevant sources;
  • reports or test results from referral agencies such as IMPACT, AADAC, Drive-able, driver examiners, etc;
  • records of completion of the remedial actions, tests, or courses required by the Board;
  • summary of the driverís Ignition Interlock Program activities;
  • any other relevant information considered by the Board.

What are the possible outcomes of a driver review hearing?

  • suspend or disqualify the driver from driving in Alberta for a definite or indefinite period;
  • cancel or terminate a licence suspension or disqualification;
  • remove the reinstatement condition of a licence; with or without restrictions;
  • revoke or extend a driverís participation in the Ignition Interlock Program;
  • prescribe any undertaking, education, monitoring or treatment, for example,
  • traffic clinics for recurrent violations of the rules of the road such as speeding, careless driving,
  • defensive driving,
  • impaired driving prevention and assessment such as IMPACT,
  • drug and alcohol education and rehabilitation course through the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC),
  • driver re-examination, extended driver evaluation and driving training course.
  • other decisions that the Board determines to be appropriate.