Vehicle Seizure Program

My vehicle was seized, how can I get it back?

Please review the Vehicle Seizure fact sheet (pdf 176K) found on our web site under the Vehicle Seizure Program.

The suspension notice wasn’t sent to my new address; shouldn’t I be excused from the seizure?

The Notice of Suspension, Cancellation or Disqualification is deemed to served on the 5th day following the day that the notice was sent to your last recorded address by the Registrar.  If you failed to change your address with Alberta Registries, it does not give you an excuse for the vehicle seizure.

I just bought the vehicle and haven’t had it registered, what document should I submit?

In such a situation, a Bill of Sale or another document that can provide proof of ownership may be provided to the Board.

Review of Driver Conduct

Can I request that a non-oral hearing be held?

No.  You must appear before the Board for an oral hearing when you receive a Confirmation of Hearing from the Board.

How long will the hearing take?

When appearing for a hearing that is a reinstatement condition for driving privileges, it will take approximately forty-five (45) minutes.

What will the Board do in the hearing?

The Board will go through a ten-year driving abstract with you and assess your knowledge and attitude towards driving.  The Board may address specific convictions on your abstract (e.g., speeding or alcohol-related).  They may set down further conditions for you to regain your driving privileges such as attending remedial education classes (e.g., defensive driving) or the completion of an Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) assessment.

Do I need to bring anything when I appear before the Board?

Persons who have had to take the impaired driving course IMPACT, must bring their “Summary Report”.

Appeal Fees

Is there a cost to appeal to the Board?

Yes, if the appeal is voluntary.  The fee for an oral appeal is $250 and for a non-oral appeal $125.  Application forms are available at any Alberta Registry Agent location.  An agent service fee will also be charged.

Is the appeal fee refundable if my appeal is successful?

If your appeal is successful, the fee paid to the Alberta Government in some, but not all situations, is refundable.  However, the service fee paid to the Alberta Registry Agent is NOT refundable.

Does it cost anything when I have to appear before the Board as a reinstatement condition to regain my privilege to drive?

No, when appearing before the Board as a condition of reinstatement there is no fee.

Do I have to pay a fee for the hearing if I receive a notice to appear before the Board for a hearing relating to my driving conduct?

No, there is no fee required when you were required to appear before the Board for a review of your driving conduct.

About Hearings

What should I do if I am unable to attend the hearing as scheduled?

You should telephone the Board as soon as possible before the hearing at (780) 427-7178 or (403) 297-3466.  If you fail to appear before the Board within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time, the Board may conduct the hearing and issue a decision as if you were in attendance.  In addition, the Board may order you to pay for the cost of the proceeding.

Do I have to present my information under oath?

For hearings relating to the Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension (AALS) Program and the Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance (AZAT) Program, you must give evidence or information under oath or solemn affirmation.  For other hearings, you may be obliged to present your information under oath or solemn affirmation.

Can I be represented by counsel at the hearing?

Yes, you are entitled to be represented by counsel.  This could be a lawyer or an agent.

Can a driver under 18 years old attend the hearing alone?

No, a driver under 18 years old must attend the hearing with a parent or legal guardian.

Can I have witnesses at the hearing?

Yes, witnesses may be permitted at the hearing.  However, they will be excluded from the hearing room until called upon to give evidence.  Also, the witnesses may be questioned by the Board.

Is cross-examination allowed?

There is no general right of cross-examination unless in the opinion of the Board it is necessary for fairness of the proceeding.

Is the hearing open to the public?

The Board hearings are open to the public unless, on the request of any party to the hearing, the Board decides it would be advisable to hold the hearing in private because of the confidential nature of the matter to be heard.

Can I record the hearing?

No filming, taping or other type of recording of the hearing is allowed unless prior approval is received from the Board.  Approval may be given by the Board subject to terms and conditions, including the responsibility for the costs of the recording and provision of copies of the records to the Board and other affected parties.


Can I ask the Board to reconsider its decision?

Under the Traffic Safety Act, you can request the Board to reconsider its decision.  Please see further information under Reconsideration.  However, you cannot ask the Board to reconsider a decision under the Railway (Alberta) Act.

What other recourses do I have with the Board’s decision?

Depending on the circumstances, you may appeal the Board’s decision to the Court of Queen’s Bench.  The appeal must be made within 30 days of the Board’s decision.  Please review the Traffic Safety Act or the Railway (Alberta) Act for further information.