Alberta Transportation Safety Board (Board)


The Alberta Transportation Safety Board (Board) acts in the interest of public safety and has the authority to remove or keep unsafe drivers off the road. Section 22 of the Traffic Safety Act creates the Board.

The Board is also responsible for appeals of the Railway Administratorís decision under the Railway (Alberta) Act.

Appeal of Decision of the Registrar, the Court and the Railway Administrator

Anyone who feels they are aggrieved by a decision of the Registrar or the Court may appeal the decision under sections 35, 36, 37, 38, 41, 42, 42.1,†43 of the Traffic Safety Act.

Anyone who feels they are aggrieved by a decision of the Railway Administrator may appeal the decision under section 43 of the Railway ( Alberta ) Act to the Board.

Appeal of Operator Licence Suspension or Disqualification from alcohol-related charges

Anyone whose operatorís licence is suspended or who is disqualified from holding an operatorís licence as a result of the Immediate Roadside Suspension Program, Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension Program or the Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance†may appeal the suspension or disqualification to the Board under sections 39, 39.1 and 39.2 of the Traffic Safety Act.

Review of Driver Conduct

A driver suspected of being a threat to public safety may be reported to the Board by the Minister of Alberta Transportation, a Judge or the Registrar, by way of section 30(1) of the Traffic Safety Act. †After review, and in the interest of public safety, the Board may:

  • suspend the operator's licence of the person for a definite or indefinite period of time;
  • prescribe any measure or course of remedial education or treatment as a condition of possession of an operator's licence, including participation in the Ignition Interlock Program; or
  • prescribe terms and conditions for the possession of an operator's licence.

Driver Hearings

A driver hearing involves an appearance by the driver, either with or without an agent or legal counsel, before a Board of one or more community board members. Community board members represent a cross-section of Alberta's driving public.

Hearings take into consideration such factors as a person's driving history, the seriousness of offences, collisions, knowledge of the rules of the road and the driver's general attitude.

Remedial Education / Treatment

The Board may require a problem driver to complete any treatment or education programs considered appropriate. †The programs include:

  • specialized impaired driving prevention and assessment courses/ programs;
  • traffic clinics for recurrent violations of the rules of the road such as speeding or careless driving;
  • drug education and rehabilitation courses through the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission;
  • full driver re-examinations, extended driver evaluations and driver training courses.

The Board is constantly seeking out new, effective and innovative programs to make further progress toward increased public safety on Alberta's roadways.

Programs Relevant to the Board

Immediate Roadside Suspension Program

Vehicle Seizure Program (VS)

Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension Program (AALS)

Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance Program (AZAT)

Appeals of Decisions of the Registrar and Railway Administrator

Review of Driver Conduct